I extend my most sincere apologies to those who have bought the newest edition of The Seal of Thomerion, which apparently had an extra carry-over line between pages 35 and 36 that pushed the numbers too far ahead and really made it hard to read the book.  While I literally can’t afford to compensate all of you for your costs, please know I’ve delved back into the editing to make sure this error is fixed and prevent other possible ones like it from affecting your reading experience in the future.  All copies of SoT printed from here on should be correct.  While I don’t defend this mistake as excusable, I appreciate your understanding that self-publishing does come with some risk of error, as Amazon does not employ a screening or editing feature that would otherwise weed out incorrectly formatted books.  As an author, I’m learning every day, and I doubly appreciate your feedback, whether positive or constructive.  Sincerely, Daniel J. Heck