Sometimes a person, even an author with his work in the public eye, sees his life going in a new direction. For me, this is one of those times. I thought the least I could do for you, the reader, is let you know that, due to pursuance of unrelated entrepreneurial projects as well as a recent marital separation, as of 9/4/2020 I have ceased devoting time and energy to the writing of The Blood of Thomerion, the broadcast of the interactive reading on Twitch, the recording of The Seal of Thomerion as an interactive audiobook, and posting to this very blog. I also do not plan to attend any possible writing-related events within the foreseeable future, even should the COVID pandemic pass earlier than expected. I need this time and opportunity to take care of myself amid a variety of challenging circumstances.

Thank you so much for following The World of Thomerion and truly caring about the arc and evolution of Ambrosinia as a fantasy realm. I couldn’t have come this far without you. The first three books will continue to be available via Amazon for their usual prices, and I still welcome all feedback and will do my best to respond to it in a timely fashion.

Perhaps, one day a long, long time from now, Thomerion will rise again.

Sincerely, Daniel J. Heck