Have you not yet read the Thomerion trilogy?  Or better yet, have you read the books but are looking for a new way to experience interactive fantasy, one more like ‘interactive television?’  Look no further!  Yours truly will be hosting an online stream in which I read from my books aloud and grant viewers the chance to vote as a group as to where the story goes.  Programming begins Wednesday, July 1st at 8 PM Central time.  All you need to do at that time to participate in the live stream is click the link below or enter the following URL in your favorite browser:


I’ll read for one hour; for sessions after that, we pick up from where we left off at the end of the previous broadcast.  Vote is determined by majority opinion, as you express in chat.  If there’s a tie, I’ll flip a coin!  Naturally, readings will begin with the first book in the Thomerion series (The Seal of Thomerion), and I hope to also include a few minutes for Q&A at the end of each broadcast.  One more thing: while you’re on Twitch, follow my stream to be the first to get alerts of developing news and receive rewards for participation!

I look forward to seeing you there!