The next entry in the Thomerion series is chugging along, and you can only find the very first excerpt right here on The World of Thomerion.  Here’s a taste of the adventures of Galumnuk the orcblood as he steps into the role of rotating protagonist.  Enjoy and keep an eye on this space for more news and progress!


Still holding Tonrak’s mouth shut, the kidnapper now stands atop the angled roof of the building to the south.  Cornered as he is, his eyes flash with anger momentarily, just before he reaches over his shoulder with his free hand to draw a crossbow.  A footman sees the opening and launches his spear, which the robed man barely ducks.

The distraction, however, is enough.  Tonrak unleashes a ferocious stomp upon the man’s foot.  He grunts in pain, and your niece wrenches free of his grip.  She rushes to the edge of the roof, where you stand with extended arms.

“Jump!” you direct.  “I catch you!”

She hesitates, afraid of the height, but glances over her shoulder only for an instant, wary of this greedy stranger.  Explanations and fear will have to wait.

Tonrak lets herself drop feet-first over the edge.  You reel only slightly from the impact, but drop your arms along with her momentum as she lands, guiding her safely to the ground.  She hugs you hard.

The robed man scans the sky as the footmen start to climb crates and a ladder in hot pursuit.  From just beneath a grand cloudbank therein, a golden dragon swiftly descends.

Buying himself a few more moments, the kidnapper loads his crossbow while incanting a mystical word, then fires at the closest footman.  A sheen of lights reflect off ice encasing the bolt as it pierces the guard in the shoulder; shards splinter off and the impact sends him falling ten feet to the ground.  Just as another footman ascends onto the rooftop’s edge, the robed man viciously kicks him in the jaw.

“We need reinforcements here!” shouts the lieutenant.

It all is too little, too late; flapping its wings with vigor, the dragon swoops upon the robed man and scoops him up in its powerful foreclaws.  Just before the third footman can attack, the pair launch themselves into the sky, and soon appear no larger than the sun itself, and after that, than merely a dot among the expanses.