Has he come to take your soul?  Doubtful.  You must still have your soul, as you’ve found and are reading this blog!  Here in this little corner of the websphere, you’ll find additional information about the interactive works, creative process and author life of yours truly, Daniel J. Heck.  I’m happy to be coming to you with an honest voice, an enthusiastic heart and boatloads of gratitude for your attention.

I’m creating this blog just three days before my 40th birthday.  Just a few years ago, I never would have dreamed that I’d be selling a complete novel as a part of the self-publishing revolution.  Then I set my nose to the grindstone, and as a result, an entire world exists that didn’t before, that of the exotic continent of Ambrosinia, with all its races, magic, foibles and terrain.  So if there’s anything in particular to say to kick things off, it’s that if you’ve had dreams of writing stories, you can accomplish the very same.  It doesn’t matter your genre; there are readers out there for you.  And while there’s a lot to learn on the long road, it’s worth meeting the challenge head-on.

As you may know by now, one of my characters in The Seal of Thomerion is named Bartleby.  He’s a compassionate cleric who believes in the beyond and spends a lot of time guiding the protagonist (you, the reader!) toward a straight-and-true path of determination.  Keep your eyes on this space in the near future for excerpts involving this character and his exploits as the protagonist in the sequel (to be titled The Gate to Thomerion).